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WizKid CleanPods are concentrated cleaning products in a water-soluble pod. Simply drop into a spray bottle filled with water. Once the CleanPod dissolves, you are ready to clean! Five formulations to clean virtually every surface, Glass, Multi-Surface, Bathroom, Floor, and Urine Blast.

CleanPods were developed to be eco-friendly on several different levels:

  • Less Waste Our high-quality plastic bottles and commercial grade sprayers last for thousands of uses. Every CleanPod you drop keeps a spray bottle and sprayer out of the oceans, rivers, lakes, and landfills.
  • Less Energy Since we aren’t shipping water all over the country our products weigh 80% less than comparable products and save on fuel and the CO2 created from the vehicles used in shipping.
  • Less Chemicals Our team of scientists went through the typical formulations used for products like ours and removed the unnecessary chemicals, leaving only the ones that are effective for high-quality cleaning.

In our product testing our we received high reviews and many comments on their effectiveness and fragrances.

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CleanPods are proudly made in the USA, in Dalton, Georgia.

CleanPods can be purchased on 6-month and 12-month subscription plans. No need to worry about if you might run out they will show up automatically!

Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription through the My Account page of the website. If you have any issues please use the contact form for assistance.

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Orders usually ship on the next business day. We do not ship on weekends or federal holidays. You will be notified via email when your order is shipped.

Starter Kits are shipped in a box and the Refill Kits are shipped in a padded envelope.

WizKid CleanPods ships anywhere in the United States.a

You will receive package tracking information once the order is shipped.

At this time, we do not offer expedited shipping.

Safety Data Sheets are available by clicking the links below and on each individual product page.

Each bottle will typically last 6 weeks. Length of usage will vary based on the frequency and volume of cleaning performed.

Hot water is not necessary to make CleanPods dissolve, however, warm water will help the CleanPods dissolve quicker.

Our high-quality bottles and commercial-grade sprayers will last for thousands of uses.

Why ship water when we don’t have to? By letting you provide the water, you save in shipping costs and we help the planet through less fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

CleanPods can be used with any 24 or 32 ounce spray bottle.

Each bottle only needs one CleanPod to be effective.

CleanPods arrive in a resealable pouch, this is designed to keep them airtight and dry until you need them.

No need to shake the bottle, the CleanPod will dissolve without any assistance. The CleanPod is typically fully dissolved within a couple of minutes.

The bottles and sprayers are both fully recyclable.

The Floor CleanPods are intended to be dissolved in three gallons of water for hard floor surface cleaning.

We advise users to test the diluted solution in a small, inconspicuous spot of a surface or texture they may be unsure about.

CleanPods will last in the pouch for up to one year if the pouch remains properly sealed.

CleanPods work with both hard and soft water.

Yes, CleanPods once diluted, are safe to use around children and pets. It is always recommended to store CleanPods and the diluted solutions out of reach of children.

Yes, you should completely empty and rinse the bottle before reusing.

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