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1. DROP One CleanPod into a 24 oz.-32 oz. spray bottle and fill with water

2. WATCH Shaking the bottle or dancing while the CleanPod dissolves makes the time pass quicker but neither is necessary

3. CLEAN Have fun making your world a cleaner, better-smelling place

The Smarter/Clean Refill Bundle


Do you already have spray bottles, or are you reusing your CleanPods Spray Bottles? Then the Smarter/Clean World Refill Pack provides the pods you need to make your world a Smarter/Clean place.

The Smarter/Clean World Refill Pack includes:

  • 4 WizKid Glass Cleaner CleanPods
  • 4 WizKid Multi-Surface/Kitchen CleanPods
  • 4 WizKid Bathroom Cleaner CleanPods
  • 4 WizKid Urine Blast CleanPods
  • 4 WizKid Floor CleanPods in your choice of fragrance, Golden Pine or Fresh Lavender
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