The Smarter/Clean Philosophy

We all care for this planet, and we want to be as good as possible to this space we share. We also know we want to live in a place that is clean and smells good! We call this balance to these two needs in our lives our Smarter/Clean philosophy.

These ideals extend into minimizing the use of harsh chemicals in our line of cleaning products and finding safer combinations that work just as effectively. We developed formulations that defend surfaces against the build-up of dirt and grime in-between cleanings, reducing cleaning frequency, and the amount of chemicals used in spaces. Additionally, we developed a water-soluble pod system that almost eliminates single-use plastics and employs high-quality spray bottles that are good to use for thousands of sprays, ultimately reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Use WizKid CleanPods and embrace the Smarter/Clean philosophy today!